Car Finance

So you have found your dream car at Bob Mullan Motors. Now what?

All our approved used cars on our website each have an online finance calculator per car, that allows you to custom your online finance to your desired budget and quickly and easily apply online.

The next step is to explore and consider the right finance product for you, our professional finance specialists are here to help you every step of the way, alternatively easy to use online finance calculator will give you representative options to choose from.

There are two finance products options available to you, we explore them below or alternatively you can apply for finance now.

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Personal Contract Purchase (PCP)

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Hire Purchase (HP)

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Personal Contract Purchase (PCP)

Suited to people who regularly change their car or van – available on all new & many used cars & vans. There is no need to commit to pay a finance agreement for longer than you wish to keep the car.

PCP Finance has a flexible deposit (subject to maximum deposit), flexible repayment periods – usually between 2 and 3 ½ years, with a final, optional, settlement figure (guaranteed minimum future value or GMFV) which is calculated at the time of purchase.

At the end of the term you have 3 choices; pay the GMFV and take ownership of the vehicle outright or hand the vehicle back and walk away, though T&Cs apply, or most commonly part exchange the vehicle to upgrade to a new model.

Hire Purchase (HP)

Hire purchase (HP) finance offers a flexible approach. You tell us your deposit (we can take your current car as deposit) and how long you want to take the finance agreement over and we can give you a monthly figure.

At the end of the agreement you own your car. Hire purchase (HP) is most suited to people who want long term ownership of a vehicle. Alternatively, tell us what you would like to keep your monthly payments to and we can advise you on the amount, the deposit and duration of finance agreement.

Next steps?

If you’re not sure which finance product is best for you, don’t worry our in-house Finance and Business Manager is here specifically to help you determine which is best for youand then tailor accordingly to suit your needs and budget.

Our job is to give you finance product options based on your circumstances and to help you make an informed decision.

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